Supporting Local Businesses: T4 Boba

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Supporting Local Businesses: T4 Boba

“Approximately 35.7 million Americans employed by small businesses are at risk of unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.”

Report Conducted by Main Street Organization (

The Problem

Striking communities like a wildfire, the COVID-19 pandemic has invoked mass lockdowns and quarantines all around the world. Many buisnesses and organizations all over the world have had to close their doors – temporarily or permanently – leaving millions of our global population without jobs or a stable income.

The lack of stability and security as a result of the mass closures of many businesses has made the global unemployment rate skyrocket. In fact, in the United States of America, it has reached 11.1% (as of June 2020)!

According to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, because of COVID-19 around 600,000 people are expected to lose their jobs in California alone!

This unemployment has caused families to be unable to pay their rent, pay for medicine or health insurance, and even pay for their groceries. During a time where people need money more than anything else, this caused many people to even lose their homes, destroying the safety and health of their families, and ultimately increasing their risk of contacting the COVID-19 illness.


Seeing the detriment that the pandemic has caused people all throughout our community we decided to help. After conducting research about the issue we found three main things:

  1. Most of the support by governmental and non-governmental organizations and charities were towards the nation’s exhausted medical supply of ventilators, masks, and sanitizers.
  2. Local businesses are being affected the most, and are facing greater hardships than larger businesses.
  3. As the COVID-19 pandemic has arisen from China, there has been a growing mental stigma towards Asian-American businesses and groups.

Taking these three factors into account, we decided to help T4 Boba, a local boba store in our community.

Please Donate and Support our Fundraiser (The Solution)

After contacting T4 Boba, and meeting with the owner, we devised a strategy to support the local business and their endeavors to ensure the security and maintenance of the salary of their employees.

We have seen our favorite locations struggle while trying to keep their business afloat, and we want to support the businesses that have taken care of our community. Sacramento has always been a community that is greater than the sum of its parts, and during this difficult time, businesses need your donations now more than ever. 

We have set up a unique fundraiser to help raise funds for T4.

Your donation will help T4 in Natomas to provide service to our community and support their staff. As a tight-knit community, we want to bring prosperity to all our neighbors, and ensure that everyone is happy and healthy. 

Please support by making a donation to our page. The process is fast, easy, and secure and you can be sure that it will help a business in need!

Get free drinks back for your donation! Please refer to the table. 

After you have donated to our GoFundMe page please click this link Donation Incentive Form to access our survey. This survey is how we will contact you for your thank you gift, so please fill it out. Remember to bring the confirmation email that matches the valid photo ID that you will also need to claim your gift card at the T4 Natomas location.

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