Donation to Local Shelters

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Donation to Local Shelters

As the COVID-19 Pandemic worsened during this holiday season, Be Great Sacramento, wanted to help the increasing number of homeless people present in the Sacramento Region. The holidays are already difficult times for many, and with the impending pandemic, it is more than necessary, that we support those affected by it the most as much as we can.

Here at Be Great Sacramento, we strongly believe in using our resources and opportunities to serve our community, and accordingly, we donated supplies for the homeless shelters around our city.

While our effort may not be monumental, we each searched our homes for food items that we believe will help those who need it.

We donated:

  • 2 Baskets of Food Supplies
  • 4 Blankets

We strongly encourage our volunteers, community members, and people around the world to donate to their local shelters. Even if they may only have one food item or many, it is very important to support impacted individuals. Every little thing counts!

Amol Budhiraja, President and Founder Be Great Sacramento

If anyone is interested in contributing more items for local shelters or would like help in any service project, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email:, or through any of our socials. We can not wait to. work with you!

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