Non Profit Organization | Sacramento, California

We need your help!

Help Be Great Sacramento raise money by purchasing Jamba Juice BOGO cards for only $10!

What are Jamba Juice BOGO Cards?

The Jamba Juice BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) cards can be used for a total of 6 times at Jamba Juice stores! Each Card can be redeemed by a donation of $10 each. (1 Card —-> $10 Donation).

The cards will be distributed in the upcoming weeks. You will be contacted via phone/email to schedule a drop off date and time for payment and distribution of the BOGO cards.

We really appreciate any kind of help! If you are unable to donate or would like to donate extra, please reach out to us via! Additionally, you can help support our cause by sharing this fundraiser with your peers, colleagues, friends, and family via social media or our website!

Thank you for all your support! We really appreciate it!

How will we use the money!

  • Be Great Sacramento regularly creates care packages to help people in need. Recently we donated care packages of school supplies for economically disadvantaged students in Sacramento.
  • In order to host our fundraisers, events, and programs, we need an operating budget. With your donation, we can host larger scale events and fundraisers.

Foster Care Drive

Keeping with our tradition of creating care packages for communities in need, we want to help support foster youth in Sacramento and throughout the world by creating care packages of supplies (School Supplies, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Books, etc.).

A majority of the donations that we receive will go towards our Foster Care Drive and help us create many care packages to help foster youth in need.

We strive to provide them with some hope during an extremely difficult time.

Purchasing Jamba Juice BOGO Cards is super easy!

Just fill out this quick google form!